The location for the onsite Traders will be in and around the pavilions area at Blatherskite Park.

Current site layout found here

The Grand Stand function room containing tiled and carpet areas and a kitchen, will be the location of the Event HQ, volunteers coordination office and the Club retail Outlet. There is a fenced grassed area beside it that will be the volunteers Veg’ out area.

The grounds also have:

  • 3 main pavilions for undercover and secure use (traders and food service areas)
  • Open grassed areas for open air use (traders and food service areas)
  • Special purpose facilities, ablution blocks, emergency services areas
  • Infrastructure buildings - for service, storage and maintenance purposes
  • The Park has power and water points everywhere in the Pavilion area.
  • There are disabled friendly ablutions on site. We will bring in more if needed.

Greatorex Pavilion - We intend to use the Greatorex Pavilion for the general traders. It looks like it is three buildings, but in fact it is one. It is quite large and will cater for the traders with no problem. It is fully powered inside and it also has power points all the way around on the outside walls. The versatility of the buildings and Pavilions at Blatherskite Park make it easy to set out the traders in a way that best suits, at the time, however many there are.

Everingham Pavilion - We intend to use the Everingham Pavilion for the indoor bike traders. It is one long building and will be perfect for them. It is also fully powered both inside and out. It has power points all the way around on the outside walls. There is an area just north across the road form the Everingham Pavilion that will be perfect for those bike traders that come to the event with their own marquees. This area is level and has power and water.

Outdoor areas - There is ample room for those Traders who would like to setup their stalls outside.

Food court - Food traders will be set up between the ends of, and maybe in some cases just in the entrances off, the Greatorex Pavilion and the Everingham Pavilions, to create a food court style atmosphere. Tables and chairs will be set up in this area for the members to be able to have a seat. This will enhance that atmosphere and make it a comfortable area to be in.

There will also be ample room for the storing of stock, whilst Ulysses members will also have enough room to move around in comfort as they inspect items on offer by each Trader.

All traders will be expected to cater for the full week, and not leave early.

We intend to start an educational program in early 2012 in the way of presentations to business so they have a full understanding of how they can benefit from being a trader at the 2014 AGM Event and how they will be of benefit to it as well.

Discussions have already started with the Chamber of Commerce Northern Territory to assist us in the presentations and getting the information out to prospective Traders.

The costs for Traders sites have not been set at this time, but it is intended that as soon as this information is available we will let those who wish to be Traders at the 2014 AGM Event know.

For the time being, we would recommend that those who would like to be a trader, at the Ulysses Club 2014 AGM Event, register their interest of securing a site in writing as soon as possible. This will be non-binding on both parties at this stage, but will greatly assist with Event planning.

If you are a Member and you wish to be a Trader at the Event, use the email below and include your membership number (Remember all the Members working on any of the AGM’s are volunteers, we will answer ASAP)


Ulysses Club