Venue & Maps
Venue & Maps

Check In for the Event

The Alice Springs Convention Centre is the Venue for Checking-In, National Office inquires, the extended NATCOM meeting, the Annual General Meeting itself as well as the Saturday Night Dinner and entertainment.

LOCATION: 93 Barrett Drive, Alice Springs, NT, Australia 

The Alice Springs Convention Centre is proud to be supporting the Ulysses Club Inc. 2014 AGM Event, through significantly discounting the usual costs involved to hire these facilities. We would like to express our great appreciation to Ian Solomon and his team for their help and support.

The Alice Springs Convention Centre
has an abundance of natural light and spectacular views of the MacDonnell Ranges, making it a modern and fresh alternative for conferences. The venue offers delegates the opportunity to experience the true essence of the Australian outback while enjoying modern, technologically advanced facilities, unique activities and exciting themed events. 

The 2014 AGM Event Site

We are very fortunate to have such fantastic and versatile grounds available in Alice Springs to use as our Main Event site for the 2014 AGM Event.

The Main Event site will be at Blatherskite Park which is located only about 6.5km south of Alice Springs CBD. The park is 55 Hectares, however we won't be using all of the area as it has a dedicated equestrian area at the southern end.

Facilities (Grounds)

It has a Grand Stand that can seat 400 plus people, the entertainment end of the Hoekker will be facing the Grand Stand, members will be able to enjoy the entertainment and a drink at the ‘sunset sip’ of an afternoon while watching the sun go down over the West MacDonnell Ranges.

Grand Stand function room containing tiled and carpet areas and a kitchen, will be the location of the Event Site office, volunteers coordination office and the Club retail Outlet. There is a fenced grassed area beside it that will be the volunteers Veg’ out area.

The grounds also have...
  • 3 main pavilions for undercover and secure use (traders and food service areas)
  • Open grassed areas for open air use (traders and food service areas)
  • Special purpose facilities, ablution blocks, emergency services
  • Infrastructure buildings - For service, storage and maintenance purposes and much more.

The show society has a Public Address System fully integrated hard wired and FM with roving Microphones. It has two booths that can broadcast on FM and are linked together.

Security (Fencing & Gates)

The entire area of the Blatherskite Park area is fenced with entry via the main gate. The main camping area is secure in its own right, with it and the rest of the event site inside the main security fencing that surrounds the entire area of Blatherskite Park. Security will be prominent on the main entry gate and also at the gates we have in use at the event site, while also patrolling the grounds. We have a secure day parking area for any members to make use of, security will patrol that area at all times as it is next to the main entrance.


There will be a number of food vendors at Blatherskite Park for the duration of the event.
Traders Map

Download the current Traders Map information pdf.

*Note this will be updated over time so please ensure you have the latest version.

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