Alice Springs

Alice Springs is in the heart of Australia, just 200km from the geographical ceNTre, nestled between the East and West MacDonnell Ranges. Known around the world as Australia's most famous Outback town, 

Alice Springs is celebrated for the natural beauty of its surrounding desert and the extraordinary people that have shaped its history.

From Adelaide to Darwin along the Stuart Highway is a 3,027.4 kilometre journey. Alice Springs is just about smack in the middle of that ride/drive, referred to as the “Explorers Way”, being 1,529.5 km from Adelaide and 1,497.9 km from Darwin.

The trip by road, though no doubt a bit of a distance, is a very enjoyable one, the scenery changes as you travel through the different zones allowing you to see the changing landscape and colours as you enjoy the ride/drive through the country side on your way to Alice Springs...
How to get there

By Road

The CeNTral Deserts Branch Welcomes all fellow Ulysses Members to Alice Springs, to enjoy the Ulysses Clubs 2014 AGM Event, regardless if you choose to ride or use any other form of transport get here!

Regardless if You Choose to Ride or Not to Get here!

Alice Springs offers a unique, spectacularly beautiful and perfect alternative, to having an AGM in a coastal area or even an inland one. It will give the members a chance to see The Outback, part of Australia that most would not have seen yet.

Alice Springs is the heart of Australia’s Outback, The Red ceNTre the Real Outback.

The Stuart Highway is a first class major highway and is well serviced along the whole of its length. It has well established roadside rest areas and roadhouses catering for the needs of the travelling public. The roadhouses cater on a daily basis for both public and commercial traffic, being conveniently spaced apart. They give the traveller the opportunity to have a rest and refresh as well as resupply with food and fuel. They also have both hard accommodation and camping, so travellers can stay overnight if they choose to and a pub for those wishing to relax at the end of the day and have a hot meal and a drink. As well as the convenience of the roadhouses along the Stuart Highway, there are some larger stops on the way.

Towns on the Highway, between Adelaide and Darwin, will have even more to offer travellers on their journey and, in some cases, give the members the chance to investigate things that they would not usually have the chance to look at. For example Coober Pedy (some of the club’s members live here) is an opal mining town between Adelaide and Alice Springs, the town offers a wide range of interesting things to see, not the least, the chance to go into a working opal mine and walk around an underground house, giving the visitor the chance to see what life in the opal mining town is like.

Safety and support for members travelling to and from the event

 The longest distance between fuel stops on the Stuart Hwy is 251kms; this is between Glendambo and Coober Pedy. The next longest distance is 182kms from Marla to Kulgera Roadhouse. The closest Branch's and members on the way to Alice Springs are in Darwin, Coober Pedy, Mount Isa and Port Augusta, and of course there will be a lot of our fellow members on the road to assist if needed. By Road to Alice Springs in kms  from the city ceNTres of

  • Adelaide SA 1,529.5 km
  • Albany WA    3,541.2 km
  • Alice Springs NT  0,000.0   km
  • Brisbane QLD 2,993.4 km
  • Cairns QLD 2,420.5  km
  • Darwin NT 1,497.9 km
  • Hobart TAS 2,951.5  km
  • Maryborough QLD  2,878.1 km
  • Melbourne VIC 2,254.9 km
  • Mildura VIC 1,763.6 km
  • Newcastle NSW  2,772.6 km
  • Perth WA 3,612.1 km
  • Sydney NSW 2,774.8 km

By Coach:

Australia has national coach services that provide comfortable, hassle-free, and affordable services to people of all ages and to all corners of Australia.

By Rail:

Travel by rail between Adelaide, Alice Springs and Darwin and you are embarking on one of the great train journeys of the world.

By Air:

There are flights to and from Alice Springs from other main ports on a daily basis.

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