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The members currently on the 2014 AGM Event Committee and the members of the CeNTral Deserts Branch, along with members from around Australia and others, are working hard starting to do the ground work, to meet the needs and expectations of those coming to, or being involved in, the 2014 Ulysses AGM.

Rest assured that there are more than five working on different aspects that are needed at the moment, to progress the goal we all have, and that is to organise and deliver a successful and enjoyable Ulysses Club AGM Event, that the members attending will fondly remember for years ,well after the Event is over.

As the work load starts to increase, than so will the number of members on the committee, for example it doesn’t take 15 or 20 members to setup one bank account or get some forward quotes to have toilet block supplied for the Event at the moment. However it will need that plus hundreds more as time goes on and when we get to the point that the 2014 AGM week has arrived, and all our mates start turning up for it.

There are already quite a few members, mostly local that are putting time and effort into the things that do need to be considered now. Apart from the work that the members of the AGM committee are doing, we have a team of local members, who are putting together designs and colour proposals for things like our Logo and merchandise, others are focused on other things, some of which will be best to sort out sooner rather than later.

There are a lot of things that have to be chased up as time goes on, but one of the biggest things that faced us to start with, was to get the 2014 AGM website up and running, so members from all over could get the information they both wanted and need to know, about the Ulysses Clubs National AGM in 2014.

The 2014 AGM Event Committee and team members are working to meet the needs of those coming to, or being involved in, the Ulysses Clubs 2014 AGM Event in Alice Springs. As the Event gets closer, more information will be available, about a range of subjects.

The committee and the volunteers aim to keep everyone as up-to-date, as much as possible and as soon as possible with new information as it comes to hand, by frequent updates.
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