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Is it really 20 years since we loaded the FJ1200 on the Ghan to travel to the 1994 AGM in Alice Springs? Yes, it really is!


The 1994 AGM was our fifth AGM  and our first visit to the Red Centre.  We loved it then and we expect to love it again!  The Red Centre is a fascinating and surprisingly spiritual place and is probably our favorite location of all the 23 AGMs we have attended.  The best analogy I have to a Ulysses AGM is a Disney Family Movie where the weather and setting is perfect and you are permanently surrounded by happy, smiling people!


You really must attend a few AGM's, only then will you really understand what this wonderful club is all about.  Apart from the usual AGM attractions (Ulysseans!) we also took an outback bus tour which I really recommend if you get the chance. Ormiston Gorge under the stars is quite an experience as was Kings Canyon.


AGM 1994 is also memorable for me because my proposal to enfranchise ALL members, not just Sydney Basin members, together with club funding for their attendance at committee meetings was passed, which is why we have had committee members from all states since then.  I hope you agree this was a good idea!


See you all at Alice Springs!


Andy Luck, #508

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