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Great news for those members attending the 2014 AGM Event in Alice Springs.

Denise and Mike Ferris, Ferris Wheels Motorcycle Safaris, are regular traders at the Ulysses AGM's and have been exhibiting now for more than 15 years, are supporting the 2014 AGM Event.

Unfortunately this year they are unable to attend Alice Springs in person, as the AGM date clashes with two tours that they are running in Morocco and Turkey in May. We are sure that the members will agree with us in wishing both Denise and Mike all success with their adventure in Morocco and Turkey.

To maintain their support of and presence with the Ulysses Club AGM Events, Denise and Mike are supplying a complimentary DVD for members, for their viewing pleasure. This DVD will be placed into the Event Bags and handed to the members that check-in for the 2014 AGM Event.

Denise and Mike, through Ferris Wheels Motorcycle Safaris, are financially supporting the 2014 AGM Event and we would like to express our gratitude for that support.

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