The following information is a basic idea of the camping sites available for those who would like to camp at the main Event site. The layout, as on the plan now, can be adjusted as the time for the Event gets closer, to best cater for the members.

Onsite Accommodation

Main Event Site Accommodation and Camping and RV Sites:

#1 Main Camping Sites: Non Powered. Camp sites at 6m x 9m = 450.

# 2 Camping Sites: Powered. Camp sites at 6m x 6m = 55. The area will fit more in. This area can be part used for tent city. There are other areas on site to use if needed. Two are indicated on the plan but we can extend our camping sites even further south of the oval if the need arose.

# 3 RV Sites: Powered. RV sites at 9m x 6m = 128. We have left a 12m roadway between the rows for easy access. We could also use the area, as marked on the plan, at the western end of the oval for RVs as this area has power and water.

Temporary Ablution blocks: We have set out a basic layout for the purpose of giving a fair indication of what is possible with the area we have available. The layout can be adjusted as needed for the best result at the time of the event. Some will also be disabled friendly. 


The Alice Springs Town Council, during their planning of the precinct, has catered extensively for the comfort and accessibility for those with special needs, with side walk ramps and a focus on building access. Throughout the whole area there are numerous dedicated disable parking spaces as well as comfort facilities provided by the Council and local business.

Disabled Access and Facilities

Accommodation - Hard: Most of the hotels and accommodation houses in Alice Springs have access for the comfort of our mates with special requirements. They have rooms specially equipped for easy access.

Accommodation - Camping:
Alice Springs has Commercial caravan parks with the access for the comfort of our mates with special requirements in mind as well, also the camping grounds at the main event site will cater for easy access for our mates as much as we can.

Main Even Site:
Blatherskite Park grounds are of good stable level surface. Access to pavilions to be used as part of the AGM already have ramped access where needed.

AGM, Extended NATCOM Meetings, Event Reception and Check In:
These are all going to be accommodated at the Alice Springs Convention CeNTre. The ceNTre has full disability access and disability facilities throughout the property.

Other Disabled Access in Alice Springs:
Town Council, Library, airport, the buses, bus ports and stops. Buses are low floor and are fitted with ramps that accommodate access. Trains and station, most of the businesses and some taxis.

Further Afield:
Also for the benefit of those who wish to investigate further a field, a number of national parks have facilities enabling access for people with disabilities.
Off-site Accommodation

Offsite Accommodation

Alice Springs is well supplied with hotels, motels, apartments, backpacker hostels and caravan parks. There is also a wide selection of bed and breakfast style accommodation, all designed to appeal to the comfort, needs and pockets of all visitors to the region. Because it is so quick and easy to get from place to place in Alice Springs, distance from the event venue does not have to be the deciding factor.

Most of the hard accommodation in the Alice Springs area is within 7km from the AGM Event Site. Alice Springs offers an excellent choice of offsite accommodation with 4,681 hard beds and 929 offsite camping sites. There is a good range of accommodation in town to suit everyone’s style and budget. Most are disabled friendly.

Click here on Tourism Central Australia to go to their website, where you can get more Visitors Information  for when you visit us.

To make advanced bookings for offsite accommodation for the 2014 AGM Event, call them on 1800 645 199 (within AUS) or (+61) 8 8952 5800 (outside of AUS).

Tourism Central Australia

Tourism CeNTral Australia is looking at being the ceNTral booking agent for the 2014 AGM Event.  You are able to make advanced bookings for offsite accommodation for the 2014 AGM Event, by calling them on 1800 645 199 (within AUS) or (+61) 8 8952 5800 (outside of AUS).

 TCA are in the process of redeveloping their website to handle future bookings on line, as their current one is unable to do it, this far into the future as yet. Once the new website is ready we will put the link up so you can use it as well. In the mean time you can ring for forward bookings, if you would like to make them now, on the numbers above.

Peter Grigg, the former General Manager Tourism CeNTral Australia, is also a member of the Ulysses Club and has assisted with securing the in-kind support that Tourism CeNTral Australia is providing the 2014 AGM Event.

Peter, in the course of him traveling around Australia on his 12 month holiday, will be visiting surrounding councils, on behalf of the 2014 AGM Event Committee and will be reminding them about the 2014 AGM Event and continue to seek their support as sponsors for it, in conjunction with the 2014 AGM Event Director and other members of the team.
Ulysses Club